CEDROS Partners?

Get to know the partners that strengthen our brand.


One of the foundations of our success.

CEDROS is committed to a constant improvement, aimed at providing the best response to the increasing demands of the market and to the growing concern of the institutions regarding the safety and health of their employees, competitiveness, environmental impact and compliance with the most recent legislation of their activity sector.

With a growing determination to be involved in public acts to boost society, CEDROS has been establishing various partnerships, of which the following stand out:

International Emergency Management Center (CIGE)
In 2014, CEDROS signed a protocol of cooperation within the CIGE, whose main objective will be to provide theoretical and practical training in areas related to civil protection, including prevention and safety in emergency management.
European Agency for Workplace Health and Safety
CEDROS, in partnership with the European Agency for Workplace Health and Safety, has been carrying out a series of actions to raise awareness among the population in general, and professionals in particular, by organizing public events, including events and workshops in the various fields of Safety and Health at Work.
Authority for Working Conditions (ACT)
CEDROS, in partnership with ACT, has been developing a series of actions to raise awareness among the population in general, and professionals in particular, through the organization of public events and workshops in various areas of Health and Safety at work.
Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS)
Within the scope of this partnership, CEDROS intends, along with IPS, to contribute to the valorisation and development of society through various activities that propel society and the through the creation, development, diffusion and transfer of knowledge.
CEDROS is an associate of AISET (Industry Association of the Peninsula of Setubal) and participates in the events promoted by the association and also promotes some events through it. One of the goals of this association is to promote and stimulate the industry of the Peninsula of Setubal.
CEDROS is an associate of APQ – Portuguese Association for Quality. The purpose of APQ is the promotion and dissemination of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Quality and Excellence in Portugal.
Firefighters Volunteers of Estarreja
CEDROS developed a protocol with the Estarreja Volunteer Firefighters, to promote events and training initiatives.
Manitou Portugal
Forklifts and Lifting Platforms – In partnership with Manitou, CEDROS through the events that it promotes, has enabled the general community and its clients in particular, to benefit from the presence of a range of varied equipment that are marketed by Manitou and comply with the most recent legal obligations in force in the Portuguese market. This enables the demonstration of the best practices available in trainings or in demonstrations.
Ertecna Lda. (Sinalux – Photoluminescent Safety Signage)
Within the partnership with Sinalux, CEDROS offers its clients, in the training actions it provides, as well as in the SIC (Information and Communication Systems – link) platform, access to the most appropriate signage for each professional activity and / or Branch of activity.