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01/ 09
02/ 09

Group Dynamics

Complex Scenario Dynamics.

03/ 09

Recorded Drills

Drills with briefing and de-briefing with a recorded video given to the client.

04/ 09

Hazard Studies

People and Equipment.

05/ 09

Top Inspection

Building and Equipment Inspection.

06/ 09


Safety work Coordination.

07/ 09

Understand the risks

Training of Special Risk Jobs.

08/ 09

Simulations and demonstrations

(Photo – IEFP Event)

09/ 09

Centre of Studies and Development of Resources, Organization and Systems

We are a consulting and training company that have special facilities to conduct simulated practice, adding to our strong theoretical component and essential practical component, with simulations in real environments.

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Height and Rescue Works

Business Continuity

ISO 9001 Training


Implementation and Improvement of Management Systems


AWIA Horyzont System



CEDROS is the exclusive representative of the most advanced Anti-Collision Man-Machine system on the market (for Portugal, Spain and PALOP).
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